• The primary goal of Tai Chi Chuan/Qigong of Twin Falls/Sun Valley, Idaho and Colorado Springs, Colorado is to provide the most up to date research and knowledge of these ancient disciplines to those seeking “adjunct alternatives” to their already existing healthcare modalities.  The Tai Chi Chuan/Qigong Organization wishes you the very best on your journey of Health and Wellness.
  • The secondary goal of Tai Chi Chuan of Twin Falls/Sun Valley Idaho and Colorado Springs, Colorado is to accommodate each member’s interest in accordance with their own schedule and availability.  Established in Colorado Springs since 1982, and NOW in Twin Falls and Sun Valley Idaho, we cordially welcome you to the unsurpassed and unparalleled healthcare systems of Taijiquan and Qigong.


Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi, Taijiquan or simply Taiji, first originated as a martial discipline. Most commonly practiced today for its amazing health benefits, this slow, graceful exercise simultaneously heals the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. Taijiquan forms evolved from principles governing it’s much older predecessor Qigong.


The concept of Qi or Chi, has been a fundamental concept in most eastern cultures for thousands of years. “Qi”  literally translated means “energy”, or “vital life force” which flows through all living things. It is scientifically observable and measurable. “Gong” translates as skill, exercise, or work.


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Tai Chi Chuan /Qigong of Twin Fall/Sun Valley, Idaho and Colorado Springs, Colorado is a consortium of professionally trained, skillfully adept Master Instructor, Instructors, Students and Practitioners of the arts of Taijiquan and Qigong.  We warmly and cordially welcome you to the magnificent and dynamic arts of Taijiquan and Qigong, wishing you a most rewarding journey of health maintenance, wellness and fitness.

 Some of the most important factors of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong are inclusive of the “cultivation”, “movement” and “directing” of energy throughout the body. Within “Meditation” (Yi Quan or Yi Chuan), the cultivation of energy is achieved by aligning the body, and meridians that are used as “pathways” through which all energy flows. The “movement” of energy is a further extension of the Meditation process using Qigong exercises to extend the dynamic flow of  energy outward into the extremeties. “The directing”of energy is accomplished through the choreographed movements of the various forms of Tai Chi Chuan. From the beginning of Meditation, through Qigong exercises, to ending the form of Tai Chi Chuan, there exists for the practitioner, one smooth continuous flow of energy in a calm, relaxed, meditative state from start to finish. Each practitioner also understands and experiences the balance of “range of motion equaling range of benefit”.

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It has been most evident for many years that our current Healthcare System in America is dismally failing due to it’s emphasis on the “TREATMENT” of illness and disease, rather than “PREVENTION”. With the ever increasing and soaring cost of Healthcare, everyone is looking for the most cost-effective/inexpensive means of maintaining and optimizing a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Stress Management and Hypertension both top the list of the most sought after treatments. “The goal of Tai Chi Chuan/Qigong of Twin Falls/Sun Valley and Colorado Springs, Colorado is to provide the most up-to-date research and comprehensive knowledge of these ancient forms of health maintenance, fitness, and wellness to those seeking “adjunct alternatives to their already existing healthcare modalities”.

 As an “adjunct” to any Healthcare modality currently being utilized,  Yi Chuan, Qigong, and Taijiquan are inclusive of a complete Healthcare system founded upon the fundamental ideals of “PREVENTION AND CURE”.  Truly, there exists not one malady known to us that cannot be improved upon using Yichuan, Qigong, and Taijiquan. First, it’s principles of Meditation or Yi Chuan are used as an “assessment” or “diagnostic” tool.  Each session is punctuated by the practitioners internal awareness of “balance” and where they see themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. It has long been known that any individual relaxed and at ease can most readily assist and be most successful in their own healthcare.  Secondly, the “CURATIVE”  principles of healing and balance are found within Qigong exercises which facilitate opening the meridians of energy throughout the body, allowing energy to flow most efficiently.  Thirdly, the “PREVENTION”  principles of Tai Chi Chuan continually strengthens the immune system, tones the muscular-skeletal/ nervous systems, vastly improves circulation and provides optimal increase of energy throughout the entirety of mind, body and spirit.  These principles governing Yi Chuan, Qigong, and Taijiquan are known for increasing the energy of the body while performing them, rather than other forms of exercise that significantly deplete one’s energy during performance.

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WESTERN medicinal practices are generally implemented in such cases where immediate attention necessitates addressing a particular disease or surgical procedure. Western medicinal practices also incorporate the most astonishingly advanced diagnostic tools such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Cat-Scans for the discovery of various maladies. Its primary focus would generally address, but not be limited to, the resolution of “acute” symptoms.

EASTERN practices of medicine are generally implemented in cases of continual degeneration, but not limited to, the “chronic” illnesses that we each experience through the process of aging. In addition, more Herbal or Homeopathic based forms of treatment are most usually prescribed, along with Qigong exercises to begin immediately affecting an “imbalance” in the system.

The Tai Chi Chuan/Qigong Organization of Twin Falls/Sun Valley, Idaho and Colorado Springs, Colorado emphasizes, encourages and advocates a balance of both WESTERN AND EASTERN MEDICINAL PRACTICES , along with nutritional support, a conscientious diet, and the counsel of your primary care physician for the optimization of health, wellness, and fitness.

Before beginning any new exercise regimen, it is most wise to consult your attending physician first.